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    [獨家]2015全國中考英語寫作真題 帶答案 - 下載本文

    Dear Stephen, I am writing to tell you how to borrow books from the school library.Remember to go to the library with your student’s card.When you enter the library, first show your student’s card to a librarian.Then you can choose books you want.At last you can take the books away after you show them to a librarian. You can only borrow 3 books at a time and keep them for a month.You will have to go back to the library to renew the books if you want to keep them longer. Please email me if you have any other questions. Yours faithfully, Li Lei 南通


    被推薦人 Sandy 班級之星 合作之星 (Cooperation Star) 創新之星 (Creation Star) 展示之星 (Show Star) 推薦理由 耐心傾聽;善于交流;樂于分享(或自擬內容) Harry Emily 見解獨特;敢于嘗試;思維活躍(或自擬內容) 大聲發言;……(請考生自擬兩點內容) 注意:

    1.表達中必須包含所給要點,可以適當發揮,不要簡單翻譯。 2.詞數90左右,開頭已經寫好,不計入總詞數。 3.表達中請勿提及真實校名和姓名。 Dear Sir,

    I would like to recommend three of my classmates for this year’s Class Stars.

    I hope that you agree with me. Yours Faithfully, Nancy


    Dear Sir. I would like to recommend three of my classmates for this year’s Class Stars. First,I think Snady is the best person for the Cooperation Star.She listens to others patiently.Also,she is good at communicating and ready to share her ideas with others.

    Then,I hope Harry can be the Creation Star because he always thinks in different ways.He is brave enough to try different things.He often comes up with new ideas. Finally,I think Enily can be the Show Star.In class,she joins in discussions actively.She is never afraid of making a speech in front of the whole class and she usually speaks loudly.(97詞) I hope that you agree with me. Yours Faithfully. Nancy 無錫

    23.假設你是悉尼大學一名華裔學生,名叫Jason Wu。你從China Daily上看到該報正在開展主題為Change for a Better China的環保討論活動。你打算結合自己所居住的小鎮的變化,給報社寫一封英文信參與討論。內容提示見下表: 注意事項:

    1.英文信須包括表格中所有提示內容,要求語句通順、意思連貫; 2.表格中“感想建議”一欄須用2-3句話展開合理想象,作適當發揮; 3.詞數在90個左右,信的首尾己在答題卡上給出,不計入總詞數; 4


    澳洲最美小鎮(Australia's Nicest Towns) 清潔能源(clean energy)

    Dear Editor,I am a student of Sdyney University.I am living in a small town called Hartwell with a population of around 5000.It is one of the “Australia’s Nicest Towns”.But things were very different in the past.The local people used to burn wood to keep their houses warm in winter.That caused serious air pollution and a lot of tress were cut down.Laws were soon made to stop this and people were encouraged to use clean energy.I think we can do something similar in China.Perhaps we can start with using less oil.I believe we can make our world a better place if we keep trying.Yours sincerely,Jason Wu 江西 19.


    英文有句諺語 “East, wast, home’s best.” 某英文報以此為標題, 向廣大中學生征文。請根據下面圖表信息寫一篇短文,介紹你家的情況。內容包括:你家的居室及居住環境、家庭成員及家庭成員之間的關系, 并談談如何讓你的家更美好。

    提示: 1.短文應包括圖表中的全部信息,條理清楚,行文連貫; 2.短文中不能出現真實的人名和地名;

    3.詞數不少于80, 開頭已給出, 不計入總詞數。

    East, wast, home’s best






    There is an old saying, ”East, west, home’s best.” I live in a house in the countryside.There’s a big living room, three bedrooms, a kitchen and a washroom in it.There’re some trees and flowers around my house.The air is really clean.And I often hear birds singing.There’re four people in my family.They’re my parents, my sister and I.We’re helpful and friendly.And we always get on well with each other.I’m happy I have a good family.I will do what I can to help do more housework and farm work.I’ll study harder so that I can make more money in the future.With our


    effort.I’m sure my home will be better and better.

    XI.書面表達 (10分)【2015山東濟南】


    要求:1. 完整敘述圖畫內容。 2. 簡明陳述你認為哪種方式更恰當。


    As Mother’s Day was getting close, many children were thinking about what gift to get for their mothers, and so were Xiao Ming and Xiao Ling.

    Xiao Ming asked his father for one hundred yuan and went to the flower shop for some nice flowers. He hoped his mother would feel satisfied when she saw them after a tiring working day. But differently thinking from Xiao Ming, Xiao Ling decided to do something meaningful instead of buying a usual gift. In the end she painted a nice picture by heart and wrote the following words on it: I LOVE YOU, MOM! Her mother got really moved when she received it.

    As an old saying goes, “It is the thought that counts.” So I do agree with Xiao Ling, and I think I’d do the same as her next Mother’s Day.



    現在,很多中學生被近視困擾,請就此現象寫一篇短文談談你的看法。 內容包括:1. 造成近視的原因;

    2. 近視對學習或生活的影響;

    3. 你認為應該如何保護視力?(至少兩條建議)

    要求:1. 字數80-100字。開頭已給出,不計入總字數。 2. 文中不得出現真實的校名與人名。

    參考詞匯: eyesight n. 視力 nearsighted adj. 近視的 have good eyesight 視力好 have bad eyesight 視力差 [來源:學科網] 【參考范文一】


    Quite a lot of students have become nearsighted now. I think the main reason is that students don’t have a good habit

    while studying. Bad eyesight brings trouble to our life and study. For example, if we leave our glasses at home, we can’t

    take notes in class. We will feed uncomfortable when we swim with glasses. Here is my advice: on the one hand, teenagers

    shouldn’t study for hours without breaks because our eyes need to relax. On the other hand, having sports and doing eye

    exercise are also helpful.

    It’s very important to have good eyesight. So let’s take good care of our eyes.


    Quite a lot of students have become nearsighted now. There are many reasons. Some

    students often play computer

    Games for long. Some keep their eyes too close to the books while reading and some often read in poor light.

    If we are nearsighted, you may lose some good chances for your dream jobs like pilots and policemen. So it’s

    important to protect your eyes. First, you shouldn’t play computer games or watch TV too much. Second, you’d better take

    breaks after reading or doing homework for a long time. Third, you’re supposed to do eye exercises regularly. If you can do

    like this, you will have a good eyesight! 泰安

    六、書面表達(共1小題) 24.

    假如你是某中學初三(1)班班長李華, 請你為校報“英語園地”寫一篇短文;記述前天主題班會“To be sent to school or not”的討論情況。 內容要點:




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