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    [英語]2018年中考英語試題分類--狀語從句、賓語從句、定語從句 - 下載本文


    一、狀語從句 (一)時間狀語從句

    1.(上海)Mr Black walked around and offered help____we were doing an experiment.

    A:.while B.although C.until D.unless

    2.(湖北宜昌)---It has been much easier for me to go to work________ shared bikes appeared.

    ----But they also caused plenty of problems. A. since B. before C. unless D. though

    3.(河北) Bob, dinner is ready. Please wash your hands ________ you eat.

    A. until

    B. after

    C. while

    D. before

    4.(天津)Tony was drawing a picture_______ I was doing my homework. A. if B. because C. while D. until

    5.(甘肅白銀市)Never put off ____ tomorrow what you can do today. A. until B.before C.when D.as 6.(貴州黔東南、黔南、黔西南)Jack has learned more about teamwork(團隊合作) _______ he joined the soccer team.

    A. until B. since C. while D. though 7.(湖北恩施) -- Excuse me. Is it my turn now?

    -- Not yet. Please wait outside ________ your name is called. A until B. since C. so

    8.(甘肅武威) Never put off ________ tomorrow what you can do today.

    A. until B. before C. when D. as

    9.(江蘇宿遷)The manager of the hotel was waiting at the gate _______ the guests arrived.

    A. while B. when C. unless D. after

    10.(廣東深圳)----Do you still remember our primary school teacher, Mrs.


    ----Yes, she always encouraged us and gave us support ______we met difficulties. A. whenever B. whatever

    C. however

    11.(哈爾濱)---- What were you and your father doing at 7: 00 yesterday evening?

    ----I was doing my homework_____ my father was reading newspapers. A. when B. as soon as C. while

    12.(四川宜賓)She stopped talking her mother came into the room.

    A. as soon as B. unless C. though

    KEY:1--5:AADCA;6--12:BAABA;CA. (二)條件狀語從句

    1.(四川樂山)----Thank you for telling me so much knowledge about nature. ----Don’t mention it. you have more questions, come to me any time. A. If B. Because C. Though

    2.(福建A卷) You can surf the Internet you want to know about the 2020 World Middle School Games.

    A. until B. after C. if

    3.(內蒙呼和浩特) you must go and play football,at least wait until school is over.

    A.If B.Whether C.Unless D.So that 4.(四川眉山).—Learning to love is like learning to walk

    —Yes, ______we step out bravely, we’ll find it’s not so


    A. as if B. even though C. as long as D. as far as

    5.(長春)The sky is much bluer __________ we have taken action to protect the environment.

    A. because B. before C. until D. unless

    6.(重慶B卷)Lots of people exercise every morning_____ bad weather stops


    A.if B.unless C.until D.since

    7.(山東臨沂)When you are in your school dining hall during lunchtime,

    you may feel lonely _______ you can find someone to have lunch with. A. if B. unless C. after D. because

    KEY;1---7:ACACD; BB. (三)讓步狀語從句

    1.(湖北孝感)_______Square Dancing is good exercise for the old, sometimes it makes a lot of noise.

    A.If B.Although C.Until D.Because

    2.(湖南郴州) My grandfather does Chinese Kung Fu every day _________ he is over eighty.

    A. since B. though C. until 3.(山東濰坊)You will miss the flight ______ you catch a Didi car.

    A. even if B. as if C. until D.before

    4.(安徽) Little Jack has learned to do lots of things on his own, ______ he is only four years old.

    A. if since

    5..(河南)The word “racecar”, “kayak” and “level”are the same _____they are read left to right or right to left.

    A.since B.though C.unless D.whether

    6.(海南) the girl is only six years old, she knows more than 300 ancient Chinese poems.

    A. If B. Unless C. Although

    7.(山東濱州)—What do you think of your junior high school life?

    —I think it is enjoyable, I sometimes have some trouble in study.

    A. if B. though C. while D. until

    B. though C. for D.

    KEY: 1--5:BBABB; 6--7:CB (四)原因狀語從句

    1.(重慶A卷)It’s hard for us to say goodbye ______ we have so many happy days to remember.

    A.so B.because C.although D.until

    2.(北京) Many people like pandas they are cute.

    A. though B. if C. while D. because KEY:BD


    (山東東營)---What a mess! The sharing bikes are thrown everywhere. ----Let’s collect and put them in the right place _____ they can be used conveniently.

    A.unless B.so that C.because D.so long as KEY:B 二、賓語從句

    1.(重慶A卷)---Excuse me ! Do you know ______? ----It’s tow kilometers away from here.

    A. where is the supermarket B.when does the supermarket open B. where the supermarket is D.when the supermarket opens 1. (重慶B卷)---Could you please tell me _______ ? ------In two weeks.

    A. when did he come back B.how soon will he come back B. when he came back D.how soon he will come back 2. (四川南充)----Could you please tell me _______?

    -----Sorry, I don’t know. You may ask Mr. Black over there.

    A. who does the robot belong to B.who the robot belongs to B. who did the robot belong to D.who the robot belonged to

    4.(四川樂山)----Could you please tell me ? ----Of course. About ten minutes’ ride.

    A. how far is it from the school B. how far it is from

    the school

    B. how often you go to the school

    5.(四川宜賓)Do you know ?

    A. how old is he B. how old he is C. he is how old 6.(連云港)----Do you know ?

    ----On July 15th. So after the exam, you can enjoy most of the matches. A.when will the 2018 Football World Cup end B.when the 2018 Football World Cup will end C.where will the 2018 Football World Cup be held D.where the 2018 Football World Cup will be held

    7.(山西)---Sir, it’s true that being happy is an ability. So can you tell me ______ ?

    ---Yes. Just as President Xi says, “Happiness is achieved through hard work”

    A.how we can find happiness B.who can help achieve happiness

    C.why happiness is so important to us

    8.(湖北孝感)----Excuse me, I’m doing a survey. May I know _____ to pay ? ----About five times a week.

    A. when you choose Wechat B.Whether did you try Wechat C.how often you use Wechat D.why do you prefer Wechat 9.(湖北武漢)--- I wonder______. - --I' m not sure yet.

    A. which is hers B. which hers is C. Whether is it hers D. whether hers it is

    10(湖北黃岡) ----1 really want to watch Operation Red Sea(紅海行動).

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