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2016年淄博市高三一模考試英語試題 - 下載本文


英 語

本試卷分第I卷和第II卷兩部分,共15頁。滿分150分。考試用時120分鐘。 注意事項:








1.In what way does the woman’s sister go to university every day? A:On foot.

B.By underground.

C.By bus.

2.What does the man mean? A.He used to like boating very much. B.He won’t go boating with the woman. C.He thinks it is too cold outside today.

3.What will the woman probably do this afternoon? A.Ask the man for help. B.Go for a job interview. C.Give the man some advice.

4.Why does the man want to know how to take care of babies? A.He is going to be a brother. B.He wants to be a baby sitter. C.His wife is going to have a baby.


5.How does the man expect the woman’s experience? A.Unusual.






6.What should the woman do when arriving on 112th Street? A.Turn left and keep walking until she passes three lights. B.Turn right and keep walking until she passes two lights. C.Turn right and keep walking for about a mile. 7.Where is the supermarket? A.At the end of 112th Street. B.At the beginning of 56th Street. C.Around the corner on 56th Street. 聽第7段材料,回答第8至9題。 8.What size car does the man want? A.A small car.

B.A midsize car.

C.A large car.

9.How much will the man have to pay? A.$160.



聽第8段材料,回答第10至12題。 10.What is the man most probably? A.A teacher.

B.A salesman.

C.A scientist.

11.What does the woman want the robot to do?

A.Talk with her. B.Do her homework. C.Do the housework. 12.What do we know about the robot from the conversation? A.It is not for sale at the moment. B.It can do a lot of dangerous work. C.It doesn’t operate on batteries.


聽第9段材料,回答第13至16題。 13.How does the woman look now? A.Tired.



I4.What does the woman think of Linda? A.Popular and lovely. B.Intelligent and pretty. C.Hard-working and smart.

15.What’s the weather probably like now? A.Cloudy.



16.What will the man probably do next? A.Go to the library. B.Go to the dormitory. C.Go to the teaching building. 聽第10段材料,回答第17至20題。 17.How many years has Mount Fuji slept for? A.250.



18.What will travelers do in Brazil? A.See mountain views at sunrise. B.Visit the rain forests. C.Look at some temples.

19.When will travelers go to see Niagara Falls? A.In Week One. B.In Week Two. 20.Which country will travelers visit in Week Four? A.The United States. B.Thailand. 第二部分 閱讀理解(共兩節,滿分40分) 第一節(共15小題;每小題2分,滿分30分)



C.In Week Three.



The International Voluntary Service runs a number of Youth Exchanges throughout the year.Youth Exchanges give small groups of 4-5 young people the opportunity to take part in volunteering trips abroad for an average of two weeks.These young people are joined by 4-5 young people from 3-4 other nationalities and are a wonderful intercultural experience in a safe environment. Example Youth Exchanges: Youth Exchange 1 Location:Ireland

Other nationalities:Ireland,Spain,Italy,Hungary

Theme:Focuses on the topic of community reconstruction and community activities—exploring how local issues facing our communities are connected to global issues.The group will also learn about the eco-village as an example of a community and take part in team-building activities. Youth Exchange 2 Location:France

Other nationalities:Bulgaria,Italy,France

Theme:Organic gardening & continual living.This project will take place in a natural park,where the group will take part in gardening activities and games/workshops about continuous development. Youth Exchange 3 Location:Macedonia

Other nationalities:Serbia,Turkey,Ireland

Theme:Foster social inclusion and motivate personal development of young people through sports and outdoor activities.Promote outdoor activities as a tool to help inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities. Youth Exchange 4 Location:Italy

Other nationalities:Italy,Bulgaria,Greece


Theme:A sociaI-environmental project that intends to promote social inclusion and c ontinuable development,regarded as a process of civil rights and active citizenship. Over 10 days, the group will participate in activities to raise awareness about the effect of our behavior on the environment.

21.What do you focus on when travelling in France? A.Gardening work.

B.Civil rights

C.Developing social inclusion. D.Rebuilding communities

22.If you are interested in protecting the environment,you can take part in______. A.Youth Exchange 1 C.Youth Exchange 3

B.Youth Exchange 2

D.Youth Exchange 4

23.Which nationality are Youth Exchanges most popular with? A.Spain.


C.Ireland B

one day,I noticed the most beautiful Cadillac pull in the lot while waiting for my husband.A pretty female driver pulled into the spot beside our car.There was a striking resemblance to Liz Taylor.Her eyes were as blue as the sea,and teeth like an even row of pearls. A few minutes 1ater,a nice looking man entered her car,leaned over and kissed her and she drove away.

Sitting there,I wanted to cry.How could some people have it all?

Then it became almost routine to see her about once a week.She seemed friendly and always waved,flashing a big smile.My envy continued to exist long after she drove away.

A couple of weeks later,sitting in our usual parking lot,I was holding a book,watching her over the top of it.Her husband came to the car,took her arm and helped her out of the car. I could see very well as she moved to get out.She unsteadily walked around to the passenger side very slowly,leaning on a walking cane.Sitting sideways.she lifted one leg with her hands and then the other.The beautiful lady had a prosthesis(假肢) on the left Ieg and a brace(支持物) on the right leg.

I couldn’t watch them drive away as the tears were blinding me.Through my tears,I told my husband about the beautiful lady.He said he knew her husband and the story.The lady



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